Food anthropologist and research associate

2 thoughts on “Food anthropologist and research associate”

  1. I’m not sure if you’ve ever watched the TV series, “Confucius was a Foodie” with chef Christine Cushing but I’ve enjoyed the series and thought it would be interesting if you could collaborate with her to provide input on your perspective of the influence of Confucius on modern Chinese cuisine. I found your name from an interview with Andrew Wong and thought it would be great to include him as well on a possible 4th series to the show.

    1. Hi James, I’ve just looked up the TV show and it does indeed look fascinating! It definitely would be interesting to collaborate with Christine in some way and to get Andrew on the show to demonstrate how he works with this culinary history. I’m not sure what the next steps would be but I’ll look into it – thanks so much for the head’s up!

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